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आंबा पोळी

Mango Bar

In India Mango is referred as king of fruits. KOKANRAJA is offering pure and hygienic best quality of ambapoli made in ghee from pure alphanso mango pulp. It gives real felling of eating alphanso mango.

Alphonso Mango Pulp

Alphonso Mango Pulp

We prepare the mango pulp from pure alphanso mangoes. So it is rich in quality and taste. Also it is rich in nutritional value. The mango pulp is hygienically extracted from the alphanso mangoes which are fully riped. We only select particular grade of mango for the pulp i.e above [200g]. So it has the huge demand in food and beverage industry to prepare the delicious products and drinks. We offer the mango pulp in proper packaging so that it retains with long shelf life at room temperature.

कोकम सरबत

Kokam Sarbat

Basically kokum is fruit belonging to the same family as mangosteen and has culinary and medicinal uses. The rioe fruit has dark purplish colour it is also called as amsul in some parts of country. It has following health benefits :

  • It has antifugal and antioxidants properties.
  • It is good for digestion.
  • It controls the cholesterol level in body.
  • It also helps to reduce the weight.

Kokum sarbat is popular summer drink especially in kokan region. It gives cooling effect to the body.

कोकम आगळ

Kokam Agal

The juice of kokum fruit which concentrate is known as kokum agal. Syrup and agal are different from each other kokum agal is concentrate juice of kokum and kokum sarbat is combination of kokum juice and sugar syrup and other ingredients.

Kokum agal improves the digestion and appetite. It is majorly use to prepare soulcurry which is combination of coconut milk and kokum agal. Which is normally include in dinner in kokan region.

Kokum aids to weight loss the active ingredients Hydroxy-Acetic Acid has been found to be a good anti-obesity agent. As it suppresses lipogensis and convert excess calories into glycogen thus bringing about wt loss.

जांभूळ ज्यूस

Jamoon Juice

Jamun is commonly known as Java plum in English Jamun or Jambul in hindi. Jamun , the highly nutritious, refreshing and succulent fruit flooding the summer markets has innumerable benefits. This juicy fruit holds great significance in holistic treatments like Ayurvedic , unani and Chinese medicine as it attenuates kapha and pitta.

It is excellent source of the vit C, carbs, proteins, iron, mangnesium, potassium and few phytochemicals. It is also rich source of polyphenolic compounds. Also it is rich source of iron so due to this iron contents it helps to purifies the blood. Also iron helps to increase the hemoglobin level.

Jamun juice is very useful to treat the diabetic patients it lowers the sugar from blood. Because it is rich in potassium also jamun juice helps to treat the diseases like high blood pressure, strokes, and high cholesterol level.

So, here KOKANRAJA is offering the jamun juice which is pure has best quality and prepare under hygienic conditions.

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